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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Wu-Time...

FurryGreen XL Birkin...

hmmmm...not sure if this is amazing or just cray cray...
pic via @ 2BD

more unbeweavable boots...

getcha weave on gurl..


((Hellz '08 Jacket))

All Pink Err' Jeffrey Campbell

Leah McSweeney..Founder of 'Married to the Mob' on Millionaire Matchmaker..

Head Designer and founder of Married to the Mob will be on Millionaire Matchmaker tonight...!!  Leah started her company after she got a huge settlement from a police brutality case.. A cop punched out her two front teeth...  Now she is a multi-millionaire and lookin for love.  This episode is sure to provide tons of lolz... tune in on Bravo..

here is the NY Post article written on McSweeney today----->>>