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Monday, October 24, 2011

BOTB: Get Applesauced (our interview for the What The Hellz?! Blog)

BOTB: Get Applesauced

Posted by Brittany on October 24th, 2011

Meet one of our new online stores Apple Sauced…one of the illest stores online! Co-owner Taryn has been a HUGE follower of HELLZ since day one, and we’re so excited that she chose us among other highly acclaimed brands to open shop. It’s funny because I remember reading comments from her on the blog, and then what-do-you-know: I get an email from her about opening her store. This Fall is the 2nd season where you can find yourself some killer Fall gear – so what are you doing still sitting on the blog go SHOP NOW!

Read Taryn’s interview with us after the jump!

Who are you and tell me a little bit about your store?
My name is Taryn but some may know me as SweetBabyTee and I co-own Apple Sauced with my business partner Yomi.  We are an online shop based out of San Diego that just recently opened. We definitely have a “mom & pop shop”- type mentality.  We focus on carrying brands that we are truly passionate about, clothing that we would want to wear.  I have personally been rocking  Hellz since the day it launch back in 2005!  We try to keep our  store personal and we believe in quality as opposed to quantity.
Who is your customer? What trends does she follow? What music does she
Our customer is somebody who likes to shop outside the box. It’s  someone who isn’t content with shopping at the mall and buying your run-of-the-mill type of clothing.  Our customer isn’t the type that necessarily  follows  trends. They like what they like, regardless of whether or not it’s in style or popular at the moment.  In terms of music… All types – everything across the board!
What trends are you seeing constantly popping up this Fall season? We want you to spill the beans so we know what to wear!
Some Fall trends I have seen popping up lately are color blocking, big bold graphic prints, and vests.  Also, I have noticed a big trend of mixing a rugged hard-edge style with softer, ladylike inspired things. But honestly, I’m a big fan of going with what you like, so when in doubt… Go for what you love!
Which is your favorite trend of this season that you just can’t enough of?
I am loving the big, bold all-over graphic prints, especially on maxi dresses and jumpers.  The BOTB Bizness mosaic dress is a perfect example.  I love that many designers are sticking to black and white as their  main color palette.  Although I do enjoy seasonal trends, I am definitely not afraid to veer away from trends and stick to my own style.
How does BOTB fit into the shop?
It fits into our shop because it is edgy and unique.  It is made for  the unconventional woman who wants to be daring, yet ladylike and feminine. BOTB is perfect for Hellz fans that have grown into women.
What’s your favorite piece from the FALL BOTB collection – Movers & Shakers?
I love all the pieces from the Fall BOTB collection, but my favorite piece definitely has to the the ‘Straight to Hellz’ Motorcycle Jacket. This jacket is a necessity for any women’s wardrobe.  It can be worn during  the day and night.  I plan on wearing mine pretty much everyday this Fall!
Tell us – why are you a BOTB? Or BOYOTB?
I am a  BOTB I encompass everything a Belle of the Brawl is.  I am feminine with a hard edge.  I don’t care what people think and I stay  true to myself.  I feel like I grew up just like Hellz Bellz did and I became  a  BOTB.

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Friday, October 14, 2011


Are you a fan yet?



Apple Sauced will be at The Griffin next Wednesday doing a 

little Pop-Up Shop... The Fashion Mixer will be from 7-9pm..  

 Hosted champagne from 8-9pm... Come through and get 

your hands on some new Fall gear... We will be giving out   

discounts and goodies! See ya there!



APPLE SAUCED……. Shop Mom & Pop shops