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Friday, April 9, 2010

the buzz continues to grow...

A few days ago I posted the extended sneak peak to Banksy's film... Exit Through The Gift Shop.  Due to this film and the Robbo beef ..there has been extra buzz surrounding him.. Here is an interesting quote Banksy told LA Weekly--->

"I continue to find the rise of Mr. Brainwash absolutely fascinating," Banksy quips. "His art sells for roughly double what mine does these days. Gore Vidal once wrote that 'Every time a friend of mine succeeds, a little bit of me dies.' I'd amend that to 'Every time one of my friends borrows my ideas, mounts a huge art show and becomes a millionaire celebrity,' a little bit of me wants him dead."
to be continued...
via @ Streetsy

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  1. im not sure how big of a fan i can be of Bansky after reading that quote. I agree with the quote, but he totally ripped off Blek Le Rats ideas/styles. The rats, the dotted lines, and political figures. Sorry for lurkin the blog, Im just blown and your pictures appeal to me! haha!