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Friday, June 25, 2010

MADLIB on the cover of LA Weekly...

This is Madlib's first interview in the US in over 4 years... 

"Interviews are my least favorite thing to do,"

"The equipment doesn't matter, it's the vibe you put into it. If music sounds good, music sounds good," he says, so secure in his gifts that there is only objectivity. It's a brilliance that defies intellectualization: There is no formula, and attempting to divine causal relationships is futile. You can connect the dots to his immediate lineage, hip-hop producers Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Marley Marl. Or you can plumb deeper to the protean prolificacy of Frank Zappa, David Axelrod, Miles Davis or any of the canonized jazzmen.
But they were all intensely collaborative, while Madlib prefers studio solitude. You can even note the inspiration and influences inherited from his close friend and collaborator, J Dilla. But like the ODB, there is no father to his style."
Madlib also revealed that Kanye West has put five Madlib beats on hold for his upcoming album.... Good Ass Job.
 You can read more in LA Weekly...

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