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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Judi Rosen...aka...The Good..TheBad..The Ugly...

Judi Rosen is on of my most favorite designers.  Rosen designs for women who have a quirky sense of style....She clothes fit women with curves so beautifully.  My favorite pieces of hers are the jumpers, high-waisted jeans and shorts, and the zipper dresses...

Here is her bio from her website-

“I make clothes for people who like to be dressed up all the time -- but also like to be comfortable. You know, slutty daywear.” Judi Rosen’s customers include the usual downtowners, scene-making stylists, and fancy ladies. She designs for women who are looking for clothing off beaten path. “You have to have a sense of humor and a lack of morals.”

Judi Rosen got her start as a wee tot hawking her wares at community art fairs with her three-year-old brother. As teenager she stepped it up to the glamorous world of Long Island flea markets and started pushing dresses on her high school chums. She opened her first boutique in the East Village in 1993 , which served as a studio, party-pad, storefront, and library of awesome. A couple of years later she temporarily retired from retail in order to travel the world as performer and artist. She opened her legendary acid-laced forest boutique, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, in 2000.

Rosen emphatically designs for curvy women: “big boobs, big butts, little waists.” One of her biggest sellers are her trademark jeans that transform every body type to make the wearer’s bottom look like a “ripe juicy peach.” Judi is a pioneer in the high-waist, skinny-leg movement that has infiltrated the streets of New York City and beyond. Combining her classic taste and wicked sense of humor, Rosen recently expanded her line to include a full collection of dresses, tops and outerwear. It’s not strictly for ladies; Dapper-Dans can get in the game too. In 2007 Judi expanded her line to include stylish 70’s work wear inspired straight-leg men’s jeans.

Here are some flicks from taken by photographer Todd Selby (


Here are just a few of my favorite pieces by Judi Rosen right now...


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