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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MadeMe Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection..

One of my favorite brands out there is MadeMe...they took a break for Spring/Summer 2010 but came back with a boom for Autumn/Winter 2010...This collection is as new York as it gets with military parkas...faux leather pant...grey cropped crewnecks.. the color scheme is mostly grey, black, and denim.. a stand out piece to me is the leather grey cheetah biker jacket.. The homage recreates the famous Paradise Garage by recreating the club logo to say MadeMe Manhattan.. The look book features Lady Miss Kier, Nina Sky, Kim Ann Foxman, Victoria Britto and Maluca Mala..  One thing that didn't make the look book but is on their website is a black and white Madonna leather vest...sooo dope!! Check it out and buy some shit at--->>>

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