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Friday, January 22, 2010

Banksy's Documentary...."Exit Through the Gift Shop..."

The internet world has been buzzing since the annoucment that Banksy's documentary will premiere at Sundance this year.  The festival started yesterday...January 21, 2010.  Along with the documentary...there has been tons of new pieces popping up in Park City, Utah..

There is a lot more to this documentary than what appears.  The directors name is under "Terry"...which some believe is Mr. Brainwash...aka.... Thierry Guetta.  Mr. Brainwash's work is quite similar to Banksy's.  So are so many theories on the film.... here is one theory.... ...but who really knows...

Sundance director John Cooper raves about the film...saying..."Exit Through the Gift Shop is one of those films that comes along once in a great while, a warped hybrid of reality and self -induced fiction while at the same time a totally entertaining experience. The story is so bizarre I began to question if it could even be real… but in the end I didn’t care. I feel bad I won’t be able to shake the filmmaker’s hand and tell him how much I love this film. I think I will shake everyone’s hand that day and hope I hit on Banksy somewhere. I love his work in all forms."

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