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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fam Royal Welcomes Broken Dreams.....

Fam Royal has always been composed of like-minded, hard working, talented individuals who have long strived to perfect their party-rocking craft. Here at the Fam, we believe that we are more than providers of entertainment; when we perform, we seek to be an active, unique and memorable part of your experience, not just the background to your evening. Put simply:Whatever spot we’re rockin’, you know that Fam Royal will set it off right.
It is with that mindset that we ring in the New Year by welcoming San Diego up-and-comersBroken Dreams to the Fam Royal roster. MoodSwingKing (MC), BrekOne (MC) and C+Locious(Producer) caught our attention in recent months with their potent live performances across San Diego and their substantial recorded output which includes mixtapes, EP’s, and the debut album It’s All Happening.
Broken Dreams have proven that they share our frame of mind and dedication to our trade and we are proud to have them in the fold. With this move, Fam both increases in number and grows our capacity to put our distinctive mark on the San Diego scene. Read more about Broken Dreams in the CREW section and be sure to check the site regularly for upcoming show information, downloads, podcasts and more.

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