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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Married to the Mob Spring 2010 "Dazed and Confused" Collection..

Married to the Mob has just released their first delivery for Spring 2010.  The collection is pretty hot. I thought their winter/holiday collection was just alright....but they really stepped up their game for this one.  Spring is definitely in the air with this collection.  I love the leggings with the large lips on the hips...the bright, colorful jackets....and the shorts (although they look exactly like the American Apparel high disco shorts)..

"URBAN LOLITA" is what MTTM wanted to embody with their Spring 2010 collection.... and I think they successfully accomplished this...

…a sweet and sexy manipulating man-eater, who writes her crushes name all over the bathroom wall in her moms Chanel lipstick. Piggy tails, drug dreams, and crushed hopes of romantic love galore

Here is the lookbook-

You can get some MOB at...

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